Ref : REG/MM/EC/004/071020
Date : 07th October 2020
From : The Management
To : All Students


In light of the recent spike in Covid-19 cases, the Management has decided that:
(i) All students living in the Kota Setar district (Kedah) and Sabah will attend online classes from 12/10/2020 until 24/10/2020. These students will only return to campus for in-person classes from 26/10/2020.
(ii) Students do not live in Covid-19 red zones will attend classes on campus as usual starting 12/10/2020.

2. We strongly encourage all students from Kota Setar and Sabah to self-quarantine for 14 days before returning to campus on 26/10/2020. We find that this precaution is necessary to keep all those under our care safe from the disease.

3. Please inform your lecturers immediately if you are one of the students affected by (i), so that the necessary arrangements can be made as soon as possible.

4. For further information regarding this matter, kindly contact your respective Heads of Program or the Student Affairs Office (Mr. Daniel).
Thank you.

The Management

Collection of Statement of Results (SOR) for April to July 2020 semester

Dear students,
Students from the following departments to collect the SOR from Ms. Shao Wan, Exam Officer at Leith Street campus.

· Certificate in Art & Design
· Diploma in Fashion Design
· Diploma in Fine Art
· Diploma in Marketing Communication

Students from the following departments to collect the SOR from Ms Amelia, front counter at Amoy campus before 25 September 2020. After 25th, students shall collect from the Exam Unit located at Leith Street.

· Diploma in Interior Design
· Diploma in Architectural Technology
· Diploma in Computer Aided Design and Drafting
· Diploma in Graphic & Multimedia Design
· Diploma in 3D Animation

Thank you.

The Exam Unit

Equator College to Resume Operation on 8 May 2020

Dear students,
Please be informed that we have received a letter from the Ministry of Education allowing us to resume operation on 4 May 2020. However, the College will only resume operation on 8 May 2020 following the instructions from the state government.

Presently, face-to-face teaching and learning activities are not allowed so as to avoid any form of gatherings.
Thus, online classes will continue until further instruction from the Ministry of Education.

Services that available in campus during this period include registry, finance, student affair, marketing, academic matters, and administrative. Kindly contact us if you would like to come to college for the stated services.
Thank you.

The Management